Centuries ago, a devotee of Srirama lived in the Valley of Vallikode Mountain, who was the oldest lady member of “Kootala House”. One day two Brahmin boys came to this lady saying that they were very hungry and wanted food. The old lady felt some divine power in those boys and served them with milk and fruits as food. The boys, after food, told her that she would be blessed by the Deities she worshipped, and left. That night the lady had a dream that the boys were her favorite Gods Srirama and Lakshmana. The old lady, out of over joy and contentment, donated her entire property to Lord Vilwadrinathan of Thiruvilwamala Temple. Even now, for all land transactions of those properties, the ownership is considered as Thiruvilwamala Devaswom.

            The Entrance to the original house of the old lady, where the two boys sat and had food, is believed to have the divine presence of Srirama and Lakshmana, and is now treated as a Temple.Daily poojas are conducted here through there is no Deity. The main offerings for the poojas are Naivilakku and Palpayasam.Praying here is considered to be auspicious for marriages, and people from far away places come here for praying and even conducting weddings. Moreover, all the processions connected with the festivals of the five temples come to this place and take a round as a ritual.


Connected to this Temple, under the peepal tree (Aalthara) in front, there is a statue of an elephant carved in stone. The belief is that the old Lady used to visit Thiruvilwamala Temple riding on an elephant sent from there, and the elephant statue is to commemorate that. This spot is also considered as a center of Truth and Justice, as people form various places come in front of this elephant statue to swear and prove the truth. Thus, the Stone Elephant is standing as a Simbol of truth and Justice. There is also a large fresh water pond spread over two acres area in which water remains full even in peak summer time.

            Sri Vlayappully Bhagavathy Temple celebrates Pattu Thalappoli Vela once in two years on a grand scale. This temple is over eight hundred years old as reflected in the Asthamangalya Prasnam conducted in the year 1986. According to records, long long ago this area, where the present temple is, was a thick forest. Once a great Brahmin devotee of Sri Kodungallur Bhagavathy in to an idol and installed the same at this place. The presences of this Every Blessing Deity Brought peace and prosperity to all the residents in this place. Initially, the expenses fort he day to day poojas and maintenance of the temple were taken care of by a prominent backward community family of the area. Now this temple is under Cochin Devaswom Board.

            Sri Valayappuly Bhagavathy is in sitting posture facing north. There are two idols, one for worshipping and the other for poojas.The main vizhipad (offering) is kadu-madhura payasam.Chuttuvilakku, nirmala, kalam pattu, etc.are also offered as vizhipad by devotees. For good matrimonial prospects, offering Pattum Thaliyum is considered as important.

            Behind Sri Valayappully Bhagavathi Temple, facing Eastward is Sri Thiruvalayanat Bhagavathi Temple. Devi’s idol is in the form of a Valkannadi. Sri Thiruvalayanat Bhagavathi is known as the mother of Sri Valyappully Bhagavathy. The day of Atham in the month of Kumbham is the Installation Day of the Idol. On this day, every year, special poojas and grand scale annadhanam for devotees are conducted.

            There is a “Melekavu”here also. The idol in the Melkoww is in the form of Bhadrakali sitting on top of Vethalam, in a very angry mood. In order to pacity the anger, the Sanctum Sanctorium is left without roof so that rain and sunshine fall on the idol. To the right side there is a statue of a”Manthrikan”and staunch devotee of Valayappully Bhagavathy, Pallath Krishna Menon.Hundreds of people come here to pray in order to ward off various deceases. Along-side of this, there are also statues of the temple oracle (Komaram) who are not alive, that were installed as per the direction from the Devaprasnam.

            The rituals of this temple are beyond religious and caste classifications, and promoting secular unity. For instance, there is story that the above mentioned late Pallath Krishna Menon had a Muslim, Physician as his closest friend who was very famous in teachings for treatment of poison infection, in the form of writings on palmleaves, are kept in his family house and worshiped daily. At the time of puja in this place, they do puja in favour of Krishna Menon also by a Hindu. Also, this Muslim family has involvement in the Valayappully Bhagavathi temple rituals. There is a Muslim prayer hall manth in the vicinity of temple. During the temple festival in the month of Kumbham, the midnight procession goes to this prayer hall as part of the various cultural programs like Kalamezhuthu, Pankali, that goes on till morning. During this time there is a custom of the Muslim family offering Chewing pan to the Head of the Nair family and in return the temple gives oil for lighting the lanterns at their prayer hall.