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From the 1st of Vrischigam till 10th Dhanu, Mandalavilakku is celebrated, with Chuttuvilakku, Vadhyam, and etc.sponsored by the families living around. These are conducted in the Valayappully and Ayyappan Temples. The Mandala Thalapoli is celebrated on Dhanu 10th at Ayyappan temple and 11th at the Valayappully temple with special pujas and programs.

            The festival at the Bhagavathi temple begins with a ritual called “Koorayidal”, at the program hall which is called Pattukottil. For this, the presence of the representative from Cochin Devaswom Board and the public is a must. The Kalamezhuthupattu is performed by a Kallatt Kurup community and the responsibility to organize this is vested wit Mundur Palakkezhu Kurups. Each day various pictures of Bhagavathi (Roopakalam) are drawn on the floor with colour powders made of rice, ashes, dry leaves, etc. and then pooja is performed.

            First day will be the picture of Thiruvalayanat Bhagavathi, the next day Valayappully Bhagavathi, and so on. The Bhagavath’s From after killing Darikasura is drawn with five colour powders. After the Kalampattu’s is over the Kalappodi is given as prasadam to devotees. Each day’s program is sponsored by various families as offering. On the last day of this program is the famous Pattuthalappoli Festival.

            This festival is conducted on a grand scale with processions involving top artists in Panchavadyam, Melam, etc. as well as led by the tallest and best elephants of Kerala. There are two processions (Vela) for the Bhagavathy at the same time. One is organized by the local families in the village and the other by the Viswakarma Community. The various arts and dance performance of Kerala, like Thattinmelkoothu, Karivela, Poothan, Thira, etc. join the festival processions to make these most entertaining. Next day early morning the Viswakarma Community takes a procession of Sri Vilwadrinathan on Chariot through the village to bless the people.The Pattu Thalappoli festival comes to a close the next day with the rituals of Kooravalikkal and Poovaral. Tuesday, Friday or Sunday this ritual is not suppose to be performed.

            The farmers offer fresh bunches of paddy from their  field on the last day of Makaram to Bhagavathy as Kathirvela Ulsavam.The Month of Karikitakam is treated as Ramayana Masam, with daily reciting of Ramayana,spcial poojas, chuttuvilakku etc. Navarathri is also celebrated with Poojaveppu, Vahanapooja, Vidyarambham, etc.

            The pooja rituals of the temples are formulated and performed at the directions of the Devaswom Board Thantri, Thrissur Peruvanam Vishnubhattathiripad, and the daily poojas and other activities are taken care of by local body controlled by the Devaswom Board.